Hartman Wright founders Tytus Harkins and Jason White began collaborating on value add, and development projects in 2007. These initial ventures led the pair to cultivate a philosophy for acquisitions and core business that later became the foundation for the Hartman Wright firm. Their targeted approach securing active cash flow properties, combined with diligence in analyzing current operations, enables them to quickly assess unrealized value. Once purchased, Hartman Wright properties are positioned to increase incomes, increase cost savings through management efficiencies, and ultimately drive property value by increasing net income.
Today, Hartman Wright is a private investor in value-add business and real estate assets. Our combined financial strength and management expertise positions Hartman Wright to secure high-potential, cash flow producing investment opportunities with significant upside potential.  

Asset Based:
Hartman Wright’s real estate investment activities are asset-based. We are owner-operators by choice to directly impact the optimization of our assets. Our portfolio has multiplied in value 3X+ in the past 3 years and is now approaching 1,000 lots and growing!

Industry Knowledge:
Hartman Wright has a deep understanding of real estate operations and value creation opportunities. We have assembled a team of professionals who have the skills, expertise, and track record to support our revenue producing real estate operations. Our team has executed real estate transactions in 43 out of 50 states. At Hartman Wright, we embrace an attitude of learning and investing in our team.

Operations Management:
Hartman Wright, in conjunction with its internal manager, Southern Portfolio Management (SPM), has developed a set of analytical tools that provide a comprehensive financial view of park operations.  Our team uses this data to operate our properties in a highly efficient manner. Mobile home park operations require management-intense activity to sustain operations and these tools allow site managers to make informed decisions regarding stabilizing, repositioning and improving current investments. As owner-operators, we're also able to leverage these tools as we prospect for future investments.  We're able to extract data to evaluate and qualify underperforming properties we're considering for acquisition or currently owned assets that have further value add opportunity.

Hartman Wright understands that the acquisition of the "right deal" is as important as the team and finance structure to carry out the project. At Hartman Wright, we go to great lengths to view a wide array of opportunity so that we can drill down to the most opportunistic acquisitions. Having a deep understanding of regional, state and local markets has given Hartman Wright a distinct edge in seeing the best projects the market has to offer.

Hartman Wright has a solid foundation in finance and has been successful securing financing under all market conditions. We have developed several strong lending relationships and continually monitor financial markets. As the financing markets continue to move we take great care in understanding all the lending products available to us in both the conventional and private markets.